Compare Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide

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Would You Make Your Loved One Suffer?

Life and death is a controversial topic. To most, death is negative. Within life you laugh, smile, communicate and create new experiences both good and bad. It is a human right to be alive. Although, if people have a right to live they also have the right to die. Tragic things happen everyday because life has a very dark sense of humor. After certain experiences life becomes more like a continuous cycle of suffering than anything else. The laughs become riddled with pain and life becomes dull in the best moments. With strict restrictions, physician assisted suicide (also known as Physician Aid-in-Dying) will offer a more dignified and comfortable way for terminally-ill patients to end their suffering.
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Physician assisted suicide and euthanasia are often confused because of how similar they are; they both end the life of a patient by lethal medication. Although, the paramount difference between them are that in Physician assisted suicide the lethal medication is self administered, while in euthanasia the medication is administered by someone other than the patient. Euthanasia is also illegal in all states while Physician assisted suicide is legal in three states (Starks et…show more content…
Three in 2015 said their decision was because they could not afford treatment, and within the 17 years the data was collected, only 30 people used that as their reasoning (Oregon, Legislative Assembly, Assembly, Oregon Public Health Division 6). The majority of people do it because their illness take the enjoyable things out of life, most patients are over 65 years of age and have lived their life to their desire. Their illness took the life they knew and loved away from them. Modern Day medicine is used to heal the patient and prolong death, but not to induce death. Medicine has its limits. There are some illnesses that can’t be cured yet, illnesses that cause unending pain. If the sickness can’t be cured with medication and the symptoms still leave the patients in suffering after the medications that are used to subdue their symptoms are administered, then the patient's wishes should be fulfilled, even if that means
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