Compare and Contrast Essay of Two Neighborhood

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Patricia Brown
Ellen Beckford
English 1101
13 February 2013
Two Neighborhoods
The convenience of living in an urban or suburban neighborhood can be appealing to many people. Choosing between areas can sometimes be overwhelming for some individual. People are not only concerned about the safety of a community, but they are also concerned about the environment. Although some neighborhoods might look attractive, people should consider the expense that comes with it, and how commuting will affect them in the long run. Nevertheless, both neighborhoods have their specific advantages and disadvantages. When choosing between an urban or suburban neighborhood, it is important for people to research the community, the expense, and convenience …show more content…

Another key point is commuting. People who live in the urban community have better access to public transportation. Citizens can easily get around by walking, taking a bus, and riding the train at a lower cost. In contrast, owning a home in suburb can be costly for many people. Not only do people have to keep up with their mortgages, but they sometimes have to pay a yard maintenance fee and their Home Owners Association (HOA) dues for the up-keeping of the neighborhood which can be very costly. Besides the home cost, people who live in suburban neighborhoods do have the convenience of traveling in the comfort of their own vehicle, and they do not deal with the concerns of public transportation. However, they still have to deal with the cost for long commuting and the wear and tear of the vehicle.
Living in the inner-city and suburban neighborhood can be challenging and beneficial for some individuals, especially for career opportunity. Many people who live in the urban communities have a better advantage in finding a job of their choice. Most corporations are located in the inner-city which makes it easier for people to find a job. Despite the job opportunities in the inner-city, many of these corporations do not provide parking for their employee which makes it difficult for many individuals. On the other hand, employment in the suburb is very limited and many of the professional jobs are

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