Compare and Contrast How the Main Protagonists Experience Being Outsiders Within Their Respective Societies.

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Compare and contrast how the main protagonists experience being outsiders within their respective societies. The experience of being outsiders is explored by William Shakespeare in ‘Othello’, Emily Bronte in ‘Wuthering Heights’ and Robert Browning in his Dramatic Monologues. Shakespeare explores the theme of alienation through a character considered an outsider by the society in which he lives in. Similarly Emily Bronte explores Heathcliff and the obstacles he faces at Wuthering Heights. Browning’s Dramatic Monologues illustrate the minds of psychotic lovers who are all possessive and delusional. In all the three texts the outsiders are rejected and are to an extent responsible for their own position in the society. While some are…show more content…
The narrator in ‘The Last Ride Together’ is also rejected by his mistress but in contrast his acceptance of this makes him dissimilar to the Duke and Heathcliff. In this poem Browning portrays human success and the limitations people face. Although the lover’s life has been “meant for fails”, he has accepted his fate with his mistress and so accepts his failure of not being able to get her as part of his success. Othello on the other hand has major success in “wooing” Desdemona which could suggest that the rejection and success these characters receive could reflect the extent to which they are seen as outsiders. Porphyria’s lover is depicted as an outsider like the Duke but the narrator in this poem is far more psychotic. Browning’s use of language indicates that Porphyria is from a higher class than her lover “gay feast”, “dripping cloak and shawl”, “soiled gloves” paints an image of a wealthy and independent woman. There is a clear issue of class and wealth in both of these Browning poems and it seems to be the root of the problems faced by the lovers. In ‘Wuthering Heights’ money and power is also a major issue which causes the unfortunate events endured by the protagonist. When Heathcliff returns to the Heights as a gentleman “in dress and aspect” rather than a “scavenger”, there is a rise in his wealth and power. Although he abuses his new status to fulfil is evil

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