Compare and Contrast the demographic and environmental effects of The Colombian Exchange on The Americas and Europe

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Comparative Essay

The Columbian exchange affected many regions all over the world. The Americas and Europe were similar in their changing population densities caused by diseases and goods. Also Europe and the Americas both benefited from the exchange of foreign crops and livestock across the Triangle trade routes. However, Europe and the Americas were different in their migration of peoples. The effects of the Columbian Exchange was similar in Europe and the Americas because of their changing population growth and the diffusion of goods to each country but differed in their expansion of territory. The Americas and Europe were similar because both of …show more content…

The introduction of horses to Native Americans changed their life in both good and bad ways. The reason for this is because horses made farming more efficient. Horses could pull plows that were too heavy for the Natives. Horses also gave the Native Americans advantages in war by providing them a height advantage over their enemies. However, horses also brought many diseases that killed off most of the Natives. Tobacco is a great example of a new product that

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