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Compare and contrast the ways In which Grace Nichols represents The theme of slavery in her poems I coming back and sugar cane. The two poems written by Grace Nichols are similar because both of them are about slavery. But they are very different in some ways like "I coming back" is about getting revenge and "sugar cane" is about the suffering of slaves. The styles of the poems are different from each other. This essay will try to explore these poems similarities and differences. The two poems content is different but their subject is the same. The subject is about slavery but they are written in different ways. "I coming back" is about a slave woman who want's to take revenge on her master while she is living and, when she…show more content…
An example below will show the personification between a sugar cane and a slave "His waving arms Is a sign for help." (L: 7-8) Another example could be: "He shiver like ague When it rain." (L: 17-19) You can see by the two examples given above, that she is describing both the slave and the sugar cane. You can see from what I have written above that the content of the poem is different. In the two poems "I coming back" and "sugar cane" have quite a lot of imagery. "I coming back" has quite evil and revengeful imagery. Like it says "Dog howling outside yuh window I coming back." (L: 8-10) You can imagine by the example given above it is quite an evil imagery. She tries to make us imagine how angry and revengeful the slave is, she uses folk things in her poetry for example "Skinless higue." (L: 12) A skinless higue is a Guyanese folklore character: an old lady who flies around at night searching for victims whose blood she can suck on. Guyana is a place in the Caribbean place. She likes using Guyanese folklore characters because she is proud of her heritage. She is very threatening to her master and she want's her master to suffer like she did. "Sugar cane" uses imagery, which makes you feel disgusted at the master and feel sorry for the slave. She tries to use imagery to show how the slaves are

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