Compare the Ways in Which Owen Portrays the Extreme Situations Which the Soldiers Experience in Exposure and Spring Offensive

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Compare the ways in which Owen portrays the extreme situations which the soldiers experience in exposure and spring offensive

Wilfred Owen was born in 1893 and became known as one of the most outstanding poets of the 1st world war. He himself fought on the front line during the war and witnessed first hand the extreme situations and terrible conditions soldiers experienced. Owen felt that war was pointless causing nothing but pain and suffering and this is shown in many of his poems. Both poems ‘Exposure’ and ‘Spring Offensive’ show the extreme situations and inhuman misery that soldiers went through.

In the poem ‘Exposure’ one of the main ways that Owen shows the awful, extreme situation the soldiers are in is by using strong, powerful
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In ‘exposure’ Owen also shows the extreme hopeless situation the men are in by the fact that they themselves have given up hope, ‘slowly our ghost drag home’ shows that they are moving slowly and thinking of death and never returning home alive. Hope is lost and they have nothing to live for. Owen refers to ‘Shutter and doors, all closed’ showing that the men have no where to go to, they are trapped. The fact that they have ‘forgotten dreams’ shows they have no hope left in them of returning home alive so instead they ‘ turn back to our dying’ Basically they feel their situation has got so bad they have no where left to go but to join their dying fighters.

In the poem ‘Spring Offensive’ Owen also portrays the extreme situations that soldiers found themselves experiencing but unlike in ‘Exposure’ here there is a progressive story with a beginning, middle and ending and the tension and situations that the soldiers experience gradually build up and get worse. The title ‘Spring Offensive’ is a juxtaposition, it refers to Spring which is full of new life and hope while at the same time Offensive refers to battle and destruction and like the title the atmosphere of the poem is split into to halves, the first a more relaxed situation for the soldiers and the second part being a more brutal and
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