Comparing Between Thai Culture and Other Culture

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Comparing between Thai culture and other culture Both Thailand and China are Asian countries with great long history, and therefore they share very similar cultures - concerns for family relations, attention to its social hierarchy - which may have contributed by their geographic, demographic and psychographic backgrounds. This essay will discuss the similarities and differences between the taboos and custom in these two countries in terms of linguistics, religion, social interaction and identity. According to Encyclopedia Britannice, a taboo is a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake. By understanding the taboos…show more content…
Taboos about religion Throughout the 700’s-year history, Buddhism has been Thailand national religion. Over 95% of the populations are Buddhists. And for China, it is comprised of different religion such as Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. In this part, I will compare the taboos between Buddhism and Taoism. Monks In Thailand, young Thai men may undergo training as a monk before their marriage. In spite of being a normal person, they want to clear up their minds in a bid to pursuit mental development. Since they have the highest ranking in the society and all of them have to follow many strict rules, there are many taboos we need to be careful. Women are not allowed to touch the monks or stay with them in a close place; a receiving cloth must be placed when women give things to monks. Moreover, people should avoid walking over the monks’ shadows in sunny day. This action will be regarded as dishonor to the monks; as walking over their shadows is the same as walking over them. For Taoism, there are less specific taboos about the Taoist priests; we just need to respect them as the messenger of “shens”. Temples In both Buddhism and Taoism, temples will be considered as holy places. So we should dress properly to show our respect. When Thai people enter Buddhism temples, they have to cover their skins of legs and arms; and no shoe is allowed. Besides, people are not allowed to touch the Buddhist statue in the temples; people may even get
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