Italian Supermarkets Compare And Contrast

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When people think about food shopping in Italy the first thing that comes to mind is the corner shops, fruit and vegetable vendors, and the small town butchers, but that is not realistic. In reality, most families do most of their shopping at the local supermarket. Even though Italian supermarkets can compare to the ones in the States, there are some key differences. Depending on where the supermarket is located will depend the style of the store. Once located in a city are very different, but the ones in the suburbs are much more similar.
Italian supermarkets in city centers tend to be small, which makes maneuvering the isle with shopping carts difficult. For this reason, most people use baskets instead to make the process easier. In a supermarket in the suburbs carts are available and more readily used, but they require a Euro deposit to make sure the cart is returned properly. The small city grocery stores also have a very unique layout. They are styled very similar to how Ikea does it. This means that you have to pass through almost every aisle before you can make your way to the check out. This is due to the fact that the locations in city centers are very small and this allows for the best use of the space. The supermarkets in the suburbs are set up very similar to how they are in the United States with multiple isles and a main aisle in the middle. So in terms of similarities and difference in the layout it depends on where the supermarket is located. For this reason,

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