Comparing John Locke And Karl Marx

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John Locke and Karl Marx: Property and Labor
Within our history, political thinkers have viewed labor and property as the fundamental key of the evolutions in governments and in countries, thus, showing the importance’s of it in our society. Some may suggest that the idea of property had formed the governments to create property laws and rights, to legitimatize those that own property. Other could view labor and property as a social agreement/contract or our natural rights. Everyone has their own perception how property is obtained and the limits of the property. Some could even consider property as fair and views it as practical to own. The focus of this paper is John Lock and Karl Marx.
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The two classes are bourgeoisies and proletarians; these classes have very different power and class dynamics. The bourgeoisie/capitalist own the means of production and the workers give away their labor power to this class. Capitalism is the foundation of private property. The proletarians are modern industrial workers that are forced to give their labor and their substance as humans to another person (the bourgeoisies), they are “slaves of the bourgeois class.” Marx argues that alienated labor takes control of a man's life choice, the “ labor in which man alienates himself, is a labor self-sacrifice of mortification.” Men are incapable of the division from their labor, Marx states “As individuals express their life, so they are. What they are, therefore, coincides with their production, both with what they produce and with how they produce. The nature of individuals thus depends on the material conditions determining their production.” Thus, forced labor is making a man (workers) “…no longer feel himself to be free active in any but his animal functions”. Marx expressing that workers feel as if their humanity was stolen by work and are working as an instinctive animal. Marx theories are briefly presented; this paper will examine the contrast and comparison of the different concepts of the two-factor …show more content…

It’s used as a way for validating our natural rights and freedom. Many of his theories are seen in our human rights, such property, protection and the social contract. Yet, we must acknowledge how greedy individuals have become for property and the means of trading property for money. Whereas, Karl Marx theories focus on the unfair wages and social class struggles. His theory can be arguably true but John Locke concepts are more practical. People are always competing to be the best and get the most profit, Locke concept on individual work hard when faced in competitions, is

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