Comparing Mennonites And Zen Buddhism

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To shun a religion is a way of not being open to any new ideas. To mind your own

business and stick to your beliefs is the only proper and correct way. Zen buddhists maintained

their own religion by distancing themselves from christianity and catholicism, Sticking to their

own beliefs, being open to new ideas but not believing in them. The Mennonites maintained their

own religion forming communities where their believers could live, they made it clear that the

mennonite religion did not want anything to do with other religions, the Mennonites did not agree

with the concepts of other religions. Zen Buddhism is the main religion in Japan, China, South Korea and India. Buddhism influences; peace, mindfulness and care for all …show more content…

In the

Buddhist religion there is one “minister” type of spiritual being that every buddhist worship and

lives by his rules, His name is Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama once said “ This is my religion, there

is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy, our own brain, our own heart is our

temple; the philosophy is kindness.”

Zen Buddhism did not vocally voice that they did not want to associate their religion with

Christianity or Catholicism. However the Buddhists did not like the violence associated with the

Christianity and Catholicism, they did not like that both those religions shunned such basic rights

to live and living,they did not like how the christian churches did not fully allow the right of the

freedom of speech and thoughts,they did not like that there was one main “God” and everyone

went out of their way to follow “its” commands. The buddhists distanced themselves from the

main religions at the time. They did so by living in monasteries, in the monasteries help the less

fortunate, give students free university, and they are constantly giving back to the …show more content…

Mennonites believed that everything has to be kept the same and simple in

order the the communities around the world to work and be successful. The Mennonites

shunned the Christians and Catholics the most because they did not like the newly acceptance

of homosexuality ( allowing them to get married, and allowing them in churches), did not like the

advancements in society ( technology, machinery, clothing, housing), Lastly they still did not like

being kicked out of western europe for their beliefs, or being afraid that they would be persecuted

by christians and catholics. The Mennonites stick to their beliefs and do not let anyone or religio

try to drive them out of a country ever again.

In conclusion the Zen buddhists (a non western society) shunned mainstream religions

by practicing their religion in a community called a Monastery, they stayed away from other

religions and lastly by practicing their faith every day to remember why they are buddhism,

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