Comparing The Greek And Egyptian Periods

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During my visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I observed and noticed numerous intriguing works of sculpture, artifacts and paintings. The two works of art I chose to do for my report were “Anonymous Official” (13th dynasty, Egypt 1783 B.C.), and the "Head from a Herm" (Greek, (first quarter of the 5th century). I picked these two specific artworks due to their facial expressions and portrayal. How the human face is portrayed and sculpted through different centuries creates a magnificent approach to understanding how people were seen in these particular time periods. We can compare the two unique works of art, from two diverse time periods, and look into the similarities and differences that were produced.

The Greek and Egyptian time periods were personally the most intriguing and fascinating of the considerable number of other cultures we have concentrated on. A large number of the governmental policies and philosophical theories that were utilized then, are still utilized today. The Greeks had initially utilized in democracy, and the Egyptians had confidence in monotheism, (the belief that there is only one God). While we may have adjusted into policies and beliefs from these time periods, they were altogether different from one another. The way that the two characterized their leaders is a great example.

The figure of “Anonymous Official" is of an Egyptian man. Presenting the man 's face, the man has almond formed eyes, a narrow chin, and a straight slim nose.…
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