Comparison Between Hamlet And Polonius And Ophelia's Hamlet

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For my Hamlet character comparison essay I chose to do Hamlet and Polonius. Polonius is Ophelia's father and Hamlet portrays an image of love toward Ophelia. In this essay I am going to explain the differences of Hamlet and Polonius and in case you’ve never read this book there is a downfall in this story leading to many deaths. I’m sure you’re wondering who killed who… continue reading to find out!
Hamlet is the main character in this story. The town of Denmark drives him mad and leads to many downfalls. Hamlet is focused on his revenge on the killer of his father to even realize he’s gone mad. He is a very impulsive character which means he doesn’t think before doing and this flaw could lead to many bad decisions. For instance whenever Hamlet escaped from England and came back to Denmark and figured out Ophelia was dead, he immediately acted to attack Laertes, shall I not forget to mention Laertes was in Ophelia’s grave whenever this happened. As Hamlet says in act 5 scene 1 to Laertes “Who is this Who makes such a show of his grief? This is I, Hamlet the Dane”.... (Hamlet leaps into the grave. They fight.) is the perfect example of his impulsiveness. Hamlet also says in this act “For, though I am not angry and foolish I have something dangerous in me, Which if you are wise, you will fear.” and I believe this portrays Hamlet to express a cocky trait.
Polonius on the other hand has a few different quality traits compared to Hamlet. As I mentioned in the first paragraph

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