Comparison Between Jamaica and India

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Running head: JAMAICA & INDIA: A COMPARISON Jamaica & India: A Comparison Abstract The paper provides a comparative analysis of Jamaica and India. Several important aspects of each country's culture and history are examined. The paper assesses the risk and the advantage of conducting business with countries with histories of imperial rule and civil struggle. After providing a brief, yet comprehensive view of each country, the paper ultimately concludes that any business conducted with any country come with moderate to great risk, as with Jamaica and India, and even the United States of America. Keywords: Jamaica, India, economy, politics, social issues, civil rights, colonialization Jamaica & India: A Comparison Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean that celebrates several decades of independence from the United Kingdom. It is a country that has seen several regime changes, mainly from within Europe. India is a subcontinent in South Asia. The history of India spans thousands of years. In the 21st century, India is the reigning champion in most films produced each year. India is also one of the most densely populated countries on Earth. India and Jamaica are quite distinct in history, culture, and business practices. These are both countries that the United States of America does do business with and with whom conducting business cannot be avoided. The paper will provide a survey of various aspects of both countries. The topics to be discussed include social
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