Comparison of An Old Man's Winter Night, Follower, and Lore Essay

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Comparison of An Old Man's Winter Night, Follower, and Lore
Works Cited Missing In this essay I am going to concentrate on three poems ''An old man's winter night'', ''Follower'' and ''Lore''. All these three poems are wrote by three very famous poets 'Robert Frost' wrote ''An old man's winter night'' and 'Seamus Heaney' wrote ''Follower'' and 'R.S. Thomas' wrote ''Lore'. Interestingly all three poems are about elderly men but all three are totally different in different ways, but in other ways are very similar. They also have hidden meanings which I will hope to find later in this essay. …show more content…

He received his theological training at St. Michael's, Cardiff. At Manafon he wrote nearly all poems which were published in his first three volumes eg. The Stones of the field(1952), An acre of land(1952), and the minister(1955), some of the more earlier poems include, 'Out of the hills', 'A Labourer', and 'A Peasant'. Which again like Lore are all to do with the country side, which is properly to do with his Welsh background.

Seamus Heaney (the writer of follower) is properly the best poet in the world and this was shown when he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1995. He was born in county Derry on April 13th , 1939 .since 'death of naturalist' he has published many other poems eg: 'door into the dark', 'winter out', 'north', 'field work', 'the haw lantern, etc. which of course are all brilliant poems like follower itself. They say Heaney was inspired by the troubles in his home town of Belfast but later was forced to leave because of the troubles. Heaneys poetry became full of images of deaths after his mother died in 1984.his father died three years later and he was also to pay tribute to him through his verse. Heaney hasn't died yet and is still writing poetry and hopefully he does carry on until he does die.

An old mans winter night is a poem about an old man that lives on his own in

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