Comprehensive Sex Education Report

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All three of these sex educators also spoke to different elements that make the current high school sex education system damaging to its students. Ms. Corrado related: " I think one of the big things is fear mongering around STIs. Which leads to higher incident rates instead of actually reducing incident rates, because fear will not actually stop them from "doing it", but it just leads to people not knowing safer sex techniques and not knowing they are transmitting [STIs].” This supports the CDC report mentioned earlier, about the increasing number of students engaging in sexual activity and becoming infected with STIs, despite being in abstinence-based programs. For Ms. Basler-Francis the main issue was something else entirely: she believes …show more content…

As the SIECUS studies have shown, and from the information gathered from the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health Study Sex College tour, students leave comprehensive sex education classes and workshops with more knowledge, better resources and with less shame about their desires. Despite my obvious biases towards comprehensive sex education I truly believe that the current system is creating the exact issues that pro-abstinence groups are trying to prevent. Due to their use of shame and scare tactics, teens are avoiding communication with sexual/romantic partners, not turning to adults in times of need, unknowingly contracting STIs and infecting others and feeling all-around ashamed of the sexual desires. This is a system that turns an eye away from preventative measures like birth control and condoms, as well as demonizes people who become pregnant and vilifies those who have abortions. But most importantly it makes people scared to explore what they want sexually, even more afraid to ask for what they desire and completely unable to respond to issues where their consent was given. These are all issues that can be avoided if children in kindergarten through twelfth grade were provided the information they needed to understand their bodies and more importantly how to use them, and take care of them. Our culture expects people to automatically know what to do, how to protect ourselves and be our own sexual advocates, but cringes at the idea of actually teaching those skills. Nothing will change until we decide that people who are asking the questions are old enough and prepared to actually hear the

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