Concept Of Soul And Soulmate Concept

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Soul and Soulmates concept in "Only Love is Real"

Soul is most simple subject yet difficult to understand with my efforts I would like to uncovers the mystries of soul and whether soulmate is only for romantic purpose or there is something more to the subject.
There are many stories based on soulmate principal but they are only romantic angle to this principal which is only half truth. Soul can neither be destroyed nor can it be made. Soul is neither male nor female. Soul does not enter a body as soon as it is concieved. "During pregnancy, the soul is gradually more and more attached to the body but the attachment is not complete till the baby is born.
With two of his patients Piedro and Katherine Dr. Brian Wiess explained the concept of soulmate which is more than just a romantic attraction. …show more content…

The mystical nature of soul which is used by many frauds to rob people.
Dr. Brian Weiss expands the concept of souls and soulmates. We have many soulmates in one life time not necessarily a romantic partner sometimes soulmates doesnt come in our life to stay they come to teach us an important lesson that will help us see the reality or we can say they come to create havoc and challenge us.
A soul does not have any gender that is why a soul can be female in one birth and male in other and trangender in another. As I have said that soulmates are not necessarily romantic in one life time they can friends, father-daughter, mother-son, husband-wife and enemies

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