Confederate Monuments And Confederate Monuments

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Dead and Alive We think of the word history as a series of past events that were significant in the making of the world we live in now. Along with history, came certain monuments that were built to symbolize the history of our upcoming. A certain kind of monument in particular that has made our world look at history in a negative way was the building of Confederate monuments. Confederate monuments came in the 1960’s while the Civil War was occurring (PolitiFact, and Joy Reid MSNBC Analyst. “Did Confederate symbols proliferate in the civil rights era?” @Politifact, 15 Aug. 2017). A Confederate monument was built as a prospective for Southerners who had hope for “white supremacy” (Parks, Miles. “Confederate Statues Were Built To Further A 'White Supremacist Future'.” NPR, NPR, 20 Aug. 2017, Accessed 8 Sept. 2017). Despite its significant history, Confederate monuments support white supremacy because it causes our nation to remember a time when white supremacy was the “correct” way of thinking. By taking down the Confederate monuments, we are allowing discrimination to be taken away, to become one nation, and to get rid of “white supremacy.” Raise the red, white, and blue flag that represents unity, not hatred, nor the support for “white supremacy.” In the article, “Why Confederate Monuments Must Fall” by Karen L. Cox, gives us rational reasons as to why Confederate monuments

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