Confidentiality Observation

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This essay will provide information about an encounter my relative had with the police while driving from work to home on one Saturday morning. Due to confidentiality reason, his name has been removed from this essay. In this essay, I will address to him as Mr A.
On July 2013, it was 5am in the morning when two police officers pulled over Mr A while driving from his night shift to home. They instructed him to come out from his car. One of the police officer asked Mr A to provide his driving License. He provided him with his driving license. After that he asked them if he was free to go. Mr A said they refused to answer him. But throw another question at him. He said the other officer asked where he was driving to. He told him he was driving to work. They
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Depending on the encounter Mr A had with the police. I believe that there are many factors that needed to be considered before the police undertook their stop and search on Mr A. Firstly the initial contact should have been polite and professional. For example, the police should have greeted and told him the reason why they have stopped him and what they expect to find when they search him. And they should have also answer his questions. I know being stop does not mean an individual has being arrested or has done something wrong however the police should act in way which will comply with the law or their codes of practice.
In conclusion, I am aware that a police officer has the right and the power to stop a vehicle or members of the public when they have reasonable grounds to suspect an individual might be carrying weapon, stolen items, suspicious of causing harm to themselves or others however police officers should follow procedures that are necessary to maintain control of situations that can cause harm to others. And not abusing their powers because they feel that some of the public member do not know their constitutional
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