Confidentiality in Group Therapy

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Over the past several decades the advancement of group modalities in the mental health profession, has brought about several potentially challenging ethical and legal scenarios that pertain specifically to confidentiality, privileged communication and privacy in group work. The inherent power of therapeutic groups to bring about personal change for members has seen increasing recognition in recent years in the mental health profession (Corey and Corey, 2006). Historically however, individual therapy was viewed as the most effective form of treatment, and group therapy was a less crystallised alternative (Glass, 1998). Markus and King …show more content…

1996). Paradise and Kirby (1990) explained that “the group counsellor may be exempt from testifying but any third party may be obligated to testify” (p 115). This can be seen in the incidence of Cox versus the State (1993). Cox allegedly murdered two victims in a drunken black out and had no recollection of the event. However, four years later he joined Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), where he disclosed to members his dreams of a crime. He believed he had committed the

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