Conflict In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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War is the state of conflict and competition between opposing forces. Nonetheless, war can be caused through emotional and psychological issues through two sides that obtain power from the support of influential followers. William Golding exhibits this perception in the novel, Lord of the Flies as a plane carrying a group of British schoolboys is shot down over the Pacific during a combat warfare in Europe. In the midst of consternation and chaos, Ralph, one of the many young boys on the plane, is able to distinguish the fear among the boys and use them as a barrier to survival. Ralph’s leadership is visible from the beginning as he is elected leader of the boys, on the other hand, Jack is cheated out of becoming the leader as he resembles a militaristic attitude who is greedy to make rules and discipline anyone for breaking his rules. A component of the novel consists of Ralph and Jack struggling to invest in each others distinct power leading to the boys descending into savagery and the loss of civilization during the events of the atomic war. Through the background of the atomic war, Golding demonstrates the …show more content…

After Ralph is inducted as the true leader, Jack branches himself of from the group with his militaristic authority power from Ralph’s democracy power showing the similarities of the democracy East versus the communist West. Consequently, war is used to refer to a threatening situation of instability rather than two sides of power fighting to win. When one separates itself from a group, the leader and its followers have to be alert of its own power and the other groups power that can uncover the descendance of savagery and civilization. Conceding that war is a state of conflict, it is a group’s responsibility to hold accountable for its actions of others as a result from its everlasting

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