Conflict Theory : A Sociological Theory

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Conflict Theory is a sociological theory that views society as a competition for limited resources rather than a system of equilibrium like some sociological theories claim. Instead of saying that everyone is acting the general interest of society, Conflict Theory claims that the only interests that people are concerned with in society are themselves. Due to the fact that resources are limited, organizations and people who are able to get ahold of some of this limited resources will continue to use them in order to stay in power. However, social problems begin to arise when the groups with more resources than others become dominant. The dominant groups will always find a way to stay in power because they are not keen on risking this power…show more content…
There are many faucets of life where women are not given the resources that men are. In politics, the UN says that less than twenty percent of congressional seats are held by women and women are only a quarter of state legislative bodies. The United States is ranked seventy-second in countries for political equality through gender. A main reason for this problem is political funding and how it is mostly channeled through the patriarchy. It is harder for women to get a hold on this limited resource, campaign donations, because large corporations are more inclined to funnel their money to the male challengers rather than to the female challengers. Before one can even begin campaigning, they need to be able to raise the money to support the arduous task that is campaigning and, therefore, those politicians with better connections to fundraisers are more likely to win, rather than the politicians who actually have a good vision for this country. These male political networks cut off a valuable resource for women which are a key component on running in an election, much less being able to win it. Stereotypes that are given to women as well as unfair representations of women in media platforms is a huge reason as to why women are unable to get these political networks to campaign for them. Some are convinced that if Hillary Clinton not been married to Bill Clinton and did not have his powerful last name to run on, less people
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