Conflict in the Workplace

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Conflict in the Workplace
The business world is highly competitive from every perspective; competition for office space, virtual space, markets, customers, clients and with colleagues. It is the responsibility of people working together in their day to day business transactions to have finely tuned interpersonal skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their employers. In environments such as these, conflicts, arguments and disagreements occur as part of people’s working lives. Conflicts in the workplace may lead to unhappiness for those in the conflict and of course, this will impact on their own professional performance. These conflicts create so many other problems, not just for the people who are in conflict, but also for their colleagues. Effective conflict resolution and management are therefore paramount for people to be able to solve their workplace differences so that they may enjoy their work personally and professionally. Apart from that, understanding and recognizing positive and negative disputes in the workplace is a significant part of being a well-organized manager. It also improves positive efficiency, receptiveness, and effectiveness in attaining goals. This essay will discuss the causes of conflict in the workplace, importance of resolving workplace conflict, how to deal with workplace conflict include poor communication and competition. It also argue interpersonal skills

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