Conformism And Conformity

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Mr. Principal, Venerated poet, Maya Angelou, once wrote, “few survive, if any, survive their teens. Most surrender to the vague but murderous pressure of… conformity.” This is especially true in the education system, where impressionable youth submit to a doctrine of doing simply what they are told, doing as others do. Nearly all schools rain down this ruling, as in many cases it is necessary to their functionality, so as to avoid a becoming a system that runs on a mild form of anarchy. However, in many cases, the conformist rule is unnecessarily strong, and grossly impeding on personal freedoms, as I’ve seen myself within our own school. The education system has a legal system within itself. To question the rules, or “law” so to …show more content…

I sat in a history class, a course that often did not provide me with difficulties; it was a course that I felt capable of managing without stress, or extra attention. As the class was given a substantial sum of time to be dedicated towards work, I chose to turn my focus towards assignments from a different course that provided me with a greater challenge. Not long after determining to do so, my teacher challenged my decision, and asserted that my time in the class should be devoted to history alone. The class was silent, and the matter instantly gained the attention of the room. I responded with my beliefs, stating that I feel I should be able to devote my personal time to the areas that require it. Afterall, a student should not be coerced into inefficiently spending work time, of which they may have little of, to endeavors that would not use it well. In the end, the teacher resolved that there was sense behind my actions, and that I would be allowed to continue working as I’d like. Despite the attention my opposition caused that may lend itself to embarrassment, I displayed nothing of the sort, and continued to operate under my convictions, revealing to my classmates that they may choose to do they same, if they ever find themself in a similar circumstance. The consequence that arouse from my actions was the threat of peer judgement, yet that threat should not cause an individual’s personal freedoms, or the expression of these freedoms, to

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