Conformity and Rebellion in Antigone Essay

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Would you rather not have conflicts in your life? Antigone is a play, based upon conflicts between the characters. Antigone is the sister of Polynices, who is dead. Polynices is considered a traitor to Creon and he doesn’t bury those who are against him. As conflicts occur, Antigone, Creon, and the Chorus argue on whether to have Polynices buried or not. Conflicts are a necessary part of life because of the changes that we run in to. It is appropriate to rebel and create conflict when we believe in doing the right thing to do, but someone is taking the necessary tool away from us so we can’t accomplish those goals. Also, it is appropriate to conform when violence gets out of hand. The changes that happen make us, the readers better …show more content…

The tool that Antigone needs is power. Antigone becomes more powerful than Creon when she dies because Creon’s stubbornness doesn’t stop Antigone's request, which was to bury Polynices.
Antigone is not scared and is willing to die in order for her brother to be buried.
It is appropriate to conform when violence that gets out of hand. For example, in the main conflict between Creon and Antigone, Teiresias confronts to Creon,” Our hearths and altars are stained with the corruption of dogs and carrion birds that glut themselves on the corpse of Oedipus's son. The gods are deaf when we pray to them” (491). Creon doesn’t realize that he is a corrupted, terrible leader in this quote. But Terises tells him here that information. Later Creon understands he is a dreadful leader, when the Chorus tells him to go free Antigone. When Creon arrives to Antigone, it is too late becuase the Messenger declares,“She had made a noose of her fine linen vel and hanged herself” (496). As the text says that Antigone has already committed suicide, Creon probably already feels grief and is mad at himself. However, he becomes even more ashamed when he cries,” O my wife, my son!” (497). He has also lost his son and his wife. Now he is alone and conformity is possible. Creon learned from his guiltiness, that he should of changed his ways and agree with Teiresias. If he believed Teiresias at first, he

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