Confronting Inequality By Paul Krugman

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In “Confronting Inequality”, author Paul Krugman explains how bad income inequality is for the American economy while suggesting what to do to fix this growing problem. Krugman covers topics such as the cost of inequality, how the middle class is over extending themselves, education and health care all while appealing to all three rhetorical elements. Krugman’s article has an overall effective and persuasive argument because of the topics he covers and his appeal to the reader with pathos, logos and ethos.
“Why should we care about high and rising inequality?” (561). Krugman starts his article with a thought provoking question that most Americans want an answer to. He grabs the reader’s attention from the get go. Following this question, he then makes a claim about inequality. Inequality has caused an extreme amount of damage to our society and democracy. He supports this claim by relating it to a Thomas Jefferson quote. “The small landholders are the most precious part of a state” (562). This quote translated means that the middle class is the most precious part of state. Krugman points out how this Thomas Jefferson quote seems irrelevant in our society now because of the high rise of inequality. This high rise has weakened the middle class tremendously. Readers are more than likely going to relate to Jefferson’s quote. Most Americans relate to the idea of America being a society that values the middle class, fairness and

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