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Buying a car is an important decision to make life. Some might choose to get the more expensive and extravagant car which would put them in a financial disability but they don’t care because they want to be known and seen as having this car. But some might use ther conscience and know that the better decision is to buy the more normal and less extravagant car in order to make sure their financial disability is stable even though they want that other crazy expensive car. Many people in this world base their decisionson money, fame, and power over conscience. This causes people to make bad decisions which lead to bad situations. But there are many examples that show that there are people that live and had lived in the world that use…show more content…
The literary example of the epic poem "The Iliad" by the ancient bard Homer is centered around the Achaeans' attempts to retrieve the beautiful queen of King Menelaus, Helen, from the Trojans. The Trojan War, which recounts the Achaeans' struggles, becomes much more than a fight over a mortal woman. It becomes a power struggle between two iron empires of the ancient world. Ultimately, each side (the Achaeans and the Trojans) fights not so much as to keep Queen Helen than to prove its superiority over the other side. At the Iliad's conclusion, the Achaeans infiltrate the Trojan stronghold. Rather than simply retrieve Helen, the Achaeans burn and pillage the city, eliminating a powerful rival. This shows how power was a huge motivator of decision making. Conscience upholds a string of moral values in life. Without conscience, the world would be in havoc as everyone would be easily influenced by hatred and jealousy. Furthermore, in the contemporary world, where fame, money and power are regarded as the desires of life, strong conscience is definitely important to preclude people from these deceptive temptations. Celebrities are often viewed as the rich and famous, only concerned with personal wellbeing. Some though, use their influence on popular culture in a positive way by following what their heart says to do.

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