Consent Is A Vital Part Of Human Socialization

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Consent. It is a vital part of human socialization. It means one’s voice, choice, agreement, and participation. Consent is a concept that some just do not understand. It is tremendously important when engaging in multiple affairs like intimacy, business agreements, legal contracts, etc. But consent could also translate to small activities like attending a party, making a drink for someone else, or agreeing on a film to watch. There are also some crimes that people consent to taking part in. In the eyes of the law, these crimes are considered “victimless” because the would-be victim consented to the crime. (Dempsey, 2013)
There are two sides to every jail cell, meaning that the question “Does victimless crime exist?” has contrary answers depending on who’s answering. This paper’s assertion is in support of the present factor of victimhood for an act to be considered a crime. In Crime and Morality by Hans Boutellier, it is explained that “[Bedau (1974)] wonders whether there really is such a thing as victimless crime. ‘If there are crimes which are truly victimless, for what reason did they become criminal in the first place?’ (p.57) … The fact that there is agreement does not necessarily exclude the possibility of victimhood.” (2000, pg. 57)
Thus, if there is no victim, there is no crime, rendering some “victimless crimes” fallacious. Although, there are some “victimless crimes” that are indeed crimes because they do have a victim, also rendering the term “victimless crime”

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