Consequences Of European Colonization

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During the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Europeans started to make their way to the new world, they discovered a society that was strikingly different to their own. In the late 1800’s, the rare Native Americans that were left in the United States were practically extinguished. Many diverse things contributed to their near-extinction, some were considered intentional and some unintentional. Some tribes made the decision to go willingly, and some decided to fight to their death but in the end, it was confirmed that Native Americans and settlers could not live together in amity, and the Native Americans were the ones at harm. The integration of European colonization ultimately led to the demise of the various Native American …show more content…

Beginning in the late fifteenth century, explorers, conquerors, missionaries, merchants, and adventurers sought to claim new lands to colonize. It was only a matter of time before imperial rivals butted heads over land possession and trade routes.” There are countless reasons that the Native Americans and European Colonists did not have a decent relationship. One of the reasons for conflict between Colonist and Indians was owed to the Colonists insatiable gluttony for power and for land. Some of the reasons not only included physical exploitation but also an ethical maltreatment of the Native Americans. European Colonists not only brought many distinct diseases that would serve as a future aid in the genocide of several Native American tribes, but also an outlook in which they swore they were superior to their Native foreigners. This feeling of superiority eventually led to an eruption of violence and lots of different civil wars. Due to the Colonists and the Native Americans’ irreconcilable differences, countless casualties were ached by both parties leading to continuous wars and the displacement of several Indian tribes. The Native Americans weren’t only shot down by the Europeans but by the Spanish as well. The Spanish Empire was one of the largest empires in history. It reached the peak of its military, political and economic power under the Spanish Habsburg, through most of the 16th and 17th centuries.

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