Consequences Of Manifest Destiny

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There are many consequences of Manifest Destiny for different races of people, many of them include the idea that people’s destiny expanding, caused Americans to disregard territorial rights of Native Americans, African Americans, and Mexicans. Imagine what it would be like to lose land and rights that belonged to you. Would you feel devastated by the impact of expansion through land that was once yours? Arguments that follow consequences of Manifest Destiny, caused tribes to wipe out causing a cultural divide in the Native American population. Richard H. Pratt in the article “Kill the Indian, and Save the Man” state that certain inalienable rights of citizens on account of race, color, or previous condition servitude. Many races of people were subject to being slaves and wanted to take over power of territory. Blacks were looked at as savages to the Anglo- Americans because opportunity and fortune was at their greatest will in which African Americans, Native Americans, and Mexicans didn’t have. African Americans became English speaking and civilized, because blacks were forced into association with English- speaking and civilized people (Pratt, 7.) The black culture must have been contentment, and healthy for them to increase their value with the Anglo- Americans. For many Indians, they must either cling to their tribe and its locality, or take great chances of losing his rights and property (Pratt,7.) Consequences of Manifest Destiny caused

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