Conservation Is The Greatest Economic Value For The Present And Future

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Conserve today, to create a better tomorrow. Conservation is needed to protect, improve, and use our natural resources wisely, so we can have the greatest economic value for the present and future. As citizens of Southwest, Kansas, it is our duty to conserve water for the current and future use of agriculture, municipalities, oil, and gas fields. My family and I have lived on the Cimarron River for the past 20 years. My parents drilled their own house well in 1992. Today, the water level in our house well is marginal, and will only last ten more years before we have to drill deeper. As our water is non-renewable, we may not find anything when we do drill deeper. It would be devastating to think my family would have to move from Southwest, Kansas. In the near future, we may find that water is priced as high as gasoline or even gold. Without water we will not have people around to plant and harvest crops much less water those plants. It is a vicious cycle and drastic changes need to be made now. In order to fix this problem, we must conserve water. The consequences of not having use of the Ogallala aquifer for the agricultural, municipal, oil, and gas industries. Agriculture. Lack of water results in a lack of corn, which would drive up the cost of beef, pork, and milk. Commercial livestock facilities use tens of thousands of gallons a day. A feedlot or dairy having 1,000 head of cattle consumes 10,000 gallons of water per day; that amounts to 70,000 gallons

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