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Constitution Paper

January 25, 2016
Andrew Cramer Constitution Paper
After the Revolution, citizens of the United States were free of British rule, but found themselves in need of a government to keep peace and prosperity among the different states. The Articles of Confederation was finally put into place in 1777 that was intended to do just that. However, not all states agreed with the Articles of Confederation. At that time, each state counted for one vote regardless of size, which was fine for smaller states, but the larger ones felt that their votes should have more say in matters due to its larger population. Congress had little power to tax for much needed funds, nor to regulate foreign and interstate commerce. …show more content…

Representatives were voted in while Senators were appointed by state legislatures (“The United States Constitution”, n. d.). Now, the legislators had a term of no longer than three out of every six years instead of no limit.
America had experienced several years of economic struggles and political demonstrations like Shay's Rebellion. As a result, American leaders called for a convention in May 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation. Several noted leaders in attendance included George Washington, Ben Franklin, and James Madison. The discussion involved creating a new form of government to address the previous problems incurred by the Articles.
Writers completed the new document after many months of deliberation and named it the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution created a new government with three separate branches because the current system with only a legislative arrangement clearly did not work properly. This organization operated better than the previous arrangement under the Articles because the government was more structured and had more authority. The Constitution also granted more power to Congress and limited powers of the states.
Congress was able to collect taxes and raise revenue, resolving one of the primary concerns of the previous government structure under the Articles. Congress also could prevent states from printing their own currency and levying customs. Additionally, Congress could also begin to

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