Constructive Responses: Personal Narrative Analysis

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My greatest opportunity for improvement in Constructive Responses would be; Reflective Thinking. This is a behavior learning in progress. This seems to be my biggest opportunity in the communication area. My interpretation of Reflective Thinking is digressing after the situation and wondering what I could have done differently for a different outcome. When I am having a discussion with another I tend to listen to respond. I need to listen to absorb and take in the information. At times I have a hasty unplanned response and that is interpreted incorrectly by the other person. Suggestions for improvement include, mentally putting myself in the other person’s place. Imagine how my behavior may look or be viewed by them. Find common goals among …show more content…

My interpretation of self-criticizing would be the mean things that I say or do to myself when I am less than perfect. Unfortunately I did not realize this was an area of harm to not only others but to myself. I have known in the past that I am an overly critical person and I am as critical with others. I do repeat the process and continually bring up the conflict if I feel it has not been properly resolved in the past. I also bring up the conflict to remind the other party of the wrong they did. A contribution to this component is unrealistically high standards. Since my standards may be set to high I am unable to fully reach them. This results in tasks not being accomplished and harsh judging on myself or …show more content…

My interpretation of abrasive is a person that speaks facts and is upfront and honest. Although I do not lack in social skills it is difficult at time for others to associate or engage with me since they do not appreciate my comments or curtness. My curtness is not intentional but can be taken that way. My intention is to be forward and honest. I did not realize that my curtness is what puts others on the defensive during a discussing. In my work place this behavior is a benefit since I am able to quickly and accurately identify problems and obstacles. And although I focus on problems until they are solved this is a behavior that is appreciated in my line of business. However I need to remember that this behavior needs to be modified before I go home since the same skill set is not received kindly with the

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