Content Analysis As A Method Of Analyzing Written, Verbal, Or Visual Communication Messages

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Content analysis is a method of analyzing written, verbal, or visual communication messages. Researchers first used it as a method for analyzing hymns, newspaper, magazine articles, advertisements, and political speeches in the 19th century (Harwood & Garry, 2003). During the last few decades, its use has shown steady growth (Neundorf 2002), and content analysis now enjoys a long history of use in communication, journalism, sociology, psychology, and business. Content analysis as a research method provides a systematic and objective means of describing and quantifying phenomena (Krippendorff 1980). Many researchers also recognize it as a method of analyzing documents. Content analysis will allow me to develop theoretical suggestions to enhance understanding of the humor in the Jackass films. Through content analysis, it is possible to distill words into fewer content related categories and then to assume that when classified into the same categories, words, phrases, and the like share similar meanings. Content analysis is a research method for making replicable and valid inferences from data to their context, with the purpose of providing knowledge, new insights, a representation of facts, and a practical guide to action (Krippendorff 1980). My aim will be to produce a condensed yet broad description of the humor phenomenon, including concepts or categories describing the humor phenomenon. Usually the purpose of those concepts or categories is to build up a model,
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