Contraception And Safe Sex Education Essay

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Within the United States, 38 states of the 48 states examined have some form of abstinence only education. Of those 38, 21 have laws in place that require schools to solely teach abstinence only sex education (Stranger-Hall, Kathrin F. and David W. Hall 4). The logic behind such practices is to prevent teenagers from engaging in intercourse and to decrease the rate of teen pregnancies. The curriculum of abstinence only programs stresses that teenagers should not engage in intercourse since that is the only way to guarantee one will not get pregnant. Information about contraceptives and safe sex to prevent pregnancies and the spread of STDs is not mentioned, and in fact is against those 21 states’ laws regarding use of funds to discuss in the class. The only information about contraceptives that is allowed while using those funds is emphasizing the failure rates (Advocates for Youth). Contrary to what these states are trying to accomplish, the rate of pregnancy is much higher than the median of the United States. Of the 48 states studied, the median rate of pregnancy is 62.5 per 1000 girls aged 14-19. However, the median of pregnancies for states with strictly abstinence only education is 76 per 1000 girls (Stranger-Hall, Kathrin F. and David W. Hall Table 3). The top 5 states with the highest pregnancy rates for girls aged 15-19 (recorded age represents the age at which the pregnancy ended) are New Mexico, 255 per 1000; Mississippi, 241 per 1000; Texas, 235 per 1000;

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