Controlling Robot With Speech Recognition

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A MAJOR PROJECT REPORT ON CONTROLLING ROBOT WITH SPEECH RECOGNITION SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE DEGREE BACHELOR IN TECHNOLOGY OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Submitted By: Under the Supervision of HITESH MATHUR (9911102230) MR. AMIT SINGHAL ASHISH GOEL (9911102194) AYUSH GUPTA (9911102229) DEPARTMENT OF ECE JAYPEE INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, NOIDA (U.P) June , 2015 CERTIFICATE This is to affirm that the work contained in this report titled as "CONTROLLING ROBOT WITH SPEECH RECOGNITION" by Hitesh Mathur (9911102230), Ashish Goel (9911102194) and Ayush Gupta (9911102199) in fractional satisfaction of the course work prerequisite of Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and communication Engineering , Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida is a bonafide work did by them under my direction and supervision. The matter submitted in this report has not been conceded for a recompense of whatever other degree anyplace unless unequivocally referenced. Signed: Mr. Amit Singhal Project Supervisor ECE Department JIIT, Sec-128, Noida, ABSTRACT In today 's reality, Robotics is a quickly developing and fascinating field. Robot has adequate insight to cover the most extreme territory of gave space. We are showing a Speech Control Robot For Robot control, which is controlled by utilizing discourse controller that is

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