Controversy Over Legislations Passed in the wake of the 9/11 Attacks

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The government of the United States takes the security of its Citizens very serious and this explains why security of USA Citizens home and abroad is their first line of duty. In the wake of 9/11 terrorism attack, the citizens were left questioning whether indeed the government was doing enough to protect them. On the same note, the Bush administration was shaken to the core that terrorist could advance that much into their soil. This formed the basis of various legislations and formation of special units with special powers to fight terrorism in and out of USA. However, some of these laws have brewed controversy among the Citizens it is supposed to protect. Some civil rights groups and liberal lawmakers are questioning the ability of these laws to be applied without hurting the Americans it is supposed to protect. The Patriot Act is such laws, which is causing discomfort among the liberal citizens and lawmakers and civil rights groups. They content that some of the provisions of the surveillance laws are open to abuse by intelligence bodies. It is against this background that they have put up fight against extension of some clauses, which are supposed to expire. They claim that these provisions have already been abused by federal bureau of investigations to confiscate personal information such as bank statements and credit card information. The provisions of patriot Act grant law enforcement and intelligence bodies powers in the following ways (Doyle & Library of

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