Essay about Copyright Laws No Longer Relevant in a Digital Age

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Assignment 2 – Research Essay Many say the current copyright laws in Australia are not adequate for a digital age. Do you agree with this point of view, and explain the academic research which leads you to this conclusion. Discuss two examples of copyright law which you believe are no longer relevant in a digital age and provide evidence for the changes you would propose, by analysing current media reports and supporting research? The way a person writes, learns, gathers information, purchases items, listens to music, watches television and films etc., has gradually changed over time. These simple tasks are now conducted and accessed digitally through the mediums of electronic technology such as computers and the Internet. This…show more content…
The same concept similarly applies to photographs online and in electronic form. The section fails to be clear on whether ‘a person who acquires a copy of a digital photograph, for example by downloading it from [a source on] the internet, [is] the owner of that copy’ (Smiers, 2005). Another condition that is flawed is where the reproduction of an original photograph is prohibited if the person uses the reproduced copy to make further reproductions. This allows a person to infringe copyright once without payment to copyright, yet not allow them to do so further, when they should not be granted to do so at all. The exception also does not abide by the World Intellectual Property Organisation Copyright Treaty (1996) and its three-step test, which outlines that exceptions must only apply in ‘certain special cases…, not conflict with a normal exploitation of a work and do not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the author’. Ultimately by reproducing the material in a different form which copyright holders sell and license, without payment or permission in the first place, the exception permits a person to effectively undertake in piracy. In order for section 47J to be considered adequate in a digital age,
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