Cora Newton. Mrs. Tess Nix. Argument Essay. 13 June 2014.

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Cora Newton Mrs. Tess Nix Argument Essay 13 June 2014 Parental Hopes and Standards Mothers and fathers have different perspectives on how their children are raised. This causes parents to have different hopes and standards for their children. Parents believe they are being fair and equal but are unconsciously differentiating their standards by gender. Although many parents think they have similar standards for their sons and daughters, parents more often than not have different standards when it comes to their own. Parents think they give their sons and daughters the same standards as one another. Some examples are that parents teach both their sons and daughters some degree of table manners, and expect their children to use them. Both…show more content…
“The preference for male children is further emphasized by the finding that parents are more likely to continue having children if they have only girls than if they have only boys. Reasons given by women for their preference for sons are to please their husbands, to carry on the family name, and to be a companion to the husband.” (Witt, n.p.) There are also many more pieces of important evidence. The most important piece of evidence that shows the differences in standards between sons and daughters is that parental expectations begin to differ very early. “Parents have differential expectations of sons and daughters as early as 24 hours after birth.” (Witt, n.p.) “6-and-12-month-olds of both sexes prefer dolls to trucks, according to a host of studies. Children settle into sex-based play preferences only around age 1, which is when they grasp which sex they are, identify strongly with it, and conform

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