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Corina Tabron 4/28/2017 BIO 351-02 Summary and Critique of "Cyclin D1 amplification is highly homogeneous in breast cancer" The Cyclin D1 gene is a researchable protein researchers believe have ties to the development of breast cancer tumors. The body has many mechanisms in which it regulates many things; the temperature of the body, the menstrual cycle, production of certain cells. The Cyclin D1 protein assists in regulating the cell cycle. CCND1 specifically aids in regulating the G1 phase. Like most things, too much of anything can be bad. A high presence of this protein has been linked to the formation of cancerous tumors, specifically related to breast cancer. Estrogen receptors throughout the body regulate the amount of CCND1…show more content…
The methods of obtaining the cancerous epithelial samples from various areas was a clear way of observing both the level of amplification of CCND1 and the presence of cancer within those tumors or samples. The FISH technique was fitting to localize the specific DNA sequences related to the cause and effect of amplification. Epithelial tissues which contained some development of cancer cells were studied. The researchers used samples that were stored at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, making sure to used samples from areas distant from one another (Burandt, et. al). Taking samples from various areas helped to further see the effect of various amount of amplification of the protein and how it affected the epithelial tissues at different stages. The problem addressed in this article is clearly stated in the title itself and even further within the introduction of the reading. Cyclin D1 is a protein that aids in regulating the G1 phase of the cell cycle (Burandt, et. al). The function of Cyclin D1 is regulated by specific estrogen throughout the human body. Too much of the CCND1 protein could result in the presence of cancerous tumors. The article further discusses the issue of studying tumors and the true effect of possible treatments. Once the initial tumor is removed and studied, therapies applied to the affected area often

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