Corny: A Short Story

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Jayna rode through the countryside on Corny, passing close to the farms and homes as she traveled at twice the speed of a horse at full gallop. At one large farm they were accosted by one of the bulls of Minos, he threw his ax at them, but Corny dodged it easily. Corny lowered her head and charged the bull at blinding speed. Her horn pierced his chest and he fell to the ground, dead in an instant. They rode on as if the matter were of no consequence, Jayna risked a glance backward as the farm workers gathered around the bull. A sita gave him a kick, just to make sure he was dead, then the rest of them began kicking him as well. At dusk 23, Doox and Waal met her at the appointed rendezvous point with some food and water. “Good evening Goddess, …show more content…

In the dim light of the little moon, Jayna thought it was a night flier, but as it got closer she realized the shape wasn't quite right, the wingspan was greater and more bat-like, the body was longer too, more human shaped, the dead giveaway was the lack of a tail. She drew her sword and thought, Angelica, Angelica, Angelica, a little light please. The sword glowed Jayna's trademark icy blue and the flying shadow pulled up short. It hovered in the air for a moment before it dropped slowly to the ground thirty yards in front of them. Despite the light of her sword, it did little to illuminate the features of the being now standing in front of them. Apprehension filled Jayna's breast, the confrontation with the overlords was only a day away. Jayna didn't have time to deal with any new variables, but she couldn't afford to ignore the creature before them. Right now the overlords had no aerial recognizance, that is unless this creature was allied with them somehow. She would have to find out, she was no coward, but she couldn't risk herself right now, too many were depending on …show more content…

It had to be the thing that used to be inside of her, but how did this Hehoo know about it? “What is he?” “I have no idea Goddess.” 23 answered. “When I asked him, he said his name again.” Jayna signaled to Doox, he flew down and landed beside her. “You and Waal bring him to Ophelia's enclave, but once he is there, he is NOT to leave without my permission. Make sure he understands the consequences of disobedience will involve a big black dragon with a belly full of fire. 23, catch up with us there.” Jayna mounted the unicorn and they disappeared into the night. She reached the enclave first and notified Sparks of the situation, a half a minute later Hehoo arrived with his two night fliers guards. He landed ten feet away and this time Jayna got a good look at him. He was human in appearance, that is if you pretended he didn't have a pair of big bat wings coming out of his back. He was tall and dark, his hair was as black as the night and his eyes looked at her with patience and perhaps a trace of condescension. His face was handsome and his muscular body well formed, as if sculptured by some great artist from centuries ago. He smiled as she appraised him and flexed his muscles for

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