Corporal Punishment Of Children.

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Corporal Punishment of Children When I was in middle school at St. Mary’s Catholic School, in Ethiopia, I used to see our teachers using different techniques to punish my classmates. I remember an incident in middle school where a friend of mine was punished in a harmful way because he failed to answer a question. Although the use of corporal punishment in schools is intended to change the behavior of the student, teachers should not be allowed to use this method to punish their students as it is not effective for the child’s behavioral change, and it affects the student’s behavior psychologically and physically. To start with, allowing teachers to use the corporal punishment causes physical damage on the student and abuses the child right. It is obvious that most punishments somehow results in pain. When I was in middle school, our math teacher Ms. Helen used to order us to solve a question by writing on the blackboard to show the other students. One day my classmate, Daniel was asked to solve a problem on the board, but he didn’t write a complete answer. Ms. Helen was so angry with him that she put her pen between his pointing and middle fingers and twisted it so tight. We were so terrified because we had never seen someone being punished like that before. Daniel couldn’t move his fingers and was taken to the hospital to fix his broken fingers. Our math teacher was fired right away for the excessive use of force on
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