Correct Communication Techniques

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Projecting correct communication etiquette when talking to someone with hearing loss, such as asking the individual to provide them with recommendations on communication techniques they can use to facilitate communication during the exchange, is one example of an action that demonstrates respect towards the individual. By tailoring one’s communication to the specific needs of the d/Deaf individual they are communicating with, one reflects a positive perspective that d/Deaf individuals are entitled to receiving and communicating information in a manner they feel most comfortable with to ensure their full and equal participation in communication exchanges, in various settings, like hearing individuals. In Essay 2.3 from our class packet, we met …show more content…

Many times a d/Deaf individual won’t capture or understand much of what goes around them due to different obstacles in the environment. By facilitating the environment to meet the d/Deaf individuals we again demonstrate that they are entitled to full access of their surroundings in various settings, like all hearing individuals. Taking small actions like finding quiet settings, and asking the deaf person to choose the best seating for communication can help them feel comfortable. The key to this is to be considerate. If you are with a group of people, arranging the seats so that everyone can see each other more clearly will help the situation. Also note the importance of having one person speak at a time. In the documentary For a Deaf Son we see these kind of actions play out in the schools visited by Tommy’s dad. These schools for Deaf children adjust their environment so kids have full access to all information that is being communicated to them by the teacher. Most of the time body movements are implemented, background noise is controlled, and the teacher is at a visual length from the students. These set of actions in the school demonstrate they value the Deaf children’s rights. A deaf child shouldn’t have to work five times as hard as a hearing child just because he/she wasn’t born into a deaf world. By arranging the

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