Corruption And Relationship In The Masetto Of Boccaccio

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Boccaccio was a very famous Italian writer and poet. One of his most famous pieces was the Decameron. Although Boccaccio was a correspondent of Petrarch, their works are very different. Both Petrarch and Boccaccio spoke about “lovers,” but in every different ways. For Petrarch, a lover is the one who is loved, regardless of how it turns out. It is someone you have a spiritual attachment with. On the contrary, lover for Boccaccio is someone you have a physical connection with. He describes lover as someone to mess around with. These views of love, along with the theme of corruption, are reoccurring in Boccaccio’s writings. According to Boccaccio, all people are corrupt. He shows this in multiple ways in The Decameron. I found the story of the Masetto of Lamporecchio really interesting. This is the story of a man who wanted to prove himself to others. Masetto noticed there were a group of nuns who needed a gardener and thought that he would be an ideal man for the job. Masetto knew it would be hard to get hired for a job around nuns, so he decided to act deaf and mute. This plan of his works perfectly and he was hired as a gardener. When some of the younger nuns noticed that Masetto was a good-looking man, they considered having their way with him. The nuns had only heard about the pleasures and wanted to experience for themselves. They thought this mute gardener would be the perfect person to try these pleasurable experiences on, because he would not be able to tell anyone

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