Corruption Of Corruption

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The corruption of political figures is something that many people, nationwide, believe that America has to deal with. Whether it be in local areas or the country overall it seems as people begin to gain power they seem to become more corrupt and stray away from what they should be worried about.
To prevent this corruption from occurring, once a political figure is half way through his or her term, at least ninety percent of American citizens have to vote on whether or not the figure is suited for their position. If voted unfit he or she will be pushed off of the top of the Washington Monument. With this solution in place a person who is willing to hold a certain government office will start their career with only helping the citizens of the country in mind. Hopeful someone that is only trying to hold this office to benefit him or herself or to gain power just to see where it will take them will think twice before trying to get elected for a government position. They will be aware that half way through their term voting age American citizens will be voting on whether or not they are a good fit for the position. Before going into the job he or she will sign a contract stating that they are aware of this consequence. Voting on whether or not one’s local or national politician is abusing his or her power is similar to voting some into the office. Once a person is deemed corrupt by the citizens he or she is then forced to go on television and has the opportunity to explain

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