Cosmetics For Adults And Teenagers

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With the growing popularity of cosmetics for adults and teenagers, safety is a major concern. There are concerns regarding the presence of harmful chemicals and heavy metals in cosmetics and everyday products. [6] The objective of this paper is to inform consumers of the ingredients found in cosmetics and day to day products that can possess serious health issues. Cosmetics are products that are used on your skin for either cleansing, fragrance, protecting and/or improving your overall appearance. 2,5 Chemicals are added to cosmetics in the form of preservatives and fragrances to expand the shelf life of the products and to give the products a more appealing smell to the consumers.2 Some of these chemicals can be toxic to the human body …show more content…

Parabens can exist naturally at low levels in some food items, for example, some fruits and some vegetables. There are also synthetic parabens which are made from petrochemicals that are used in cosmetics. [4] An estimated 75 to 90% of cosmetics contain parabens. [4] Parabens are commonly used in cream-based products such as make-up, shampoo, cream, and moisturizers. Since they consist of oil and water emulsions. Cosmetics that contain water are prone to microbial contamination, so when parabens are mixed with other preservatives it offers a strong antimicrobial activity against bacteria. parabens have low toxicity, good stability non-volatility, formulated well because they have no odor or taste, they are neutral, do not produce discoloration, and they do not cause hardening in cosmetic formulation.2 When cosmetics containing parabens are applied to the skin, they are absorbed in the body, which would avoid the metabolic process, and enter the bloodstream and organs. [4] Since they can easily penetrate the skin and possibly interfere with the endocrine system. Parabens have the ability to mimic estrogen, a study showed that parabens were detected in human breast cancer tissues, which raised questions about a possible connection between parabens and cancer. Studies also show that parabens can interfere with male reproductive functions, increased skin aging, and DNA damage. Studies show that women are

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