Counselor Personal Statement

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I am a student in the BA completion program, this quarter I am studying psychology in the form of social research and redefining the role of a counselor. I have been able to look at myself as a learner as well as take a look at the profession and practice that I want to follow into. I have discovered more than I thought I would as a student at my age.
I have discovered that my understanding will only grow deeper and more knowledgably as I grow. I can see need for new and more innovative psychologist in the field and practice. I can see that in psychology it has a lot to do with the provider. It mostly depends on the provider in my opinion, and what the provider has to offer from an individual approach. We all come to the field with our own
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I can also understand the importance of appropriate assessment tools to prevent from encountering possible barriers. I can openly say that community navigators are needed to guide and track individuals as they all embark on a journey to self-sufficiency. I have had my own experiences in my work with The Veteran Outreach Leadership Team as we assess current cases of displacement and reentry.
From a Mezzo level, I take a look at strategy and how well a team can strategize to keep and individual from falling back to a stagnant position in recovery. The strategies can be tools to prevent potential road blocks and also place individual with appropriate navigator teams for maximum results. Group team cohesiveness is huge amongst the dynamics of human services. For me Mezzo is slightly more interesting because I can really work my brain, I love strategy and planning especially when it will make a significant difference in someone’s life.
On a micro level, direct services are just as important as any. Working with case managers and individuals who go out into the community is a key element. This instrument creates problem solving, and assist with carving out resources for vulnerable populations. Also administering assessment tools appropriately and helping individuals overcome barriers and provide adequate
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