Counter Terrorism Intelligence

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Counter Terrorism intelligence Scenario that requires the use of counterterrorism forces A terrorist organization operating in a territory of a host country without its knowledge attacks that country's drinking water supply with a view to causing widespread illnesses, deaths, and panic (Burrows & Renner, 1999). The country's intelligence services issues a warning system. This prompts bodies concerned with supply of water to come up with strategies of protecting that country's drinking water supply. They delineate the sources of water and do an inventory of the potential sources of contamination in those areas. The water catchment area is also subsequently mapped. The mapping enables them to conduct quantitative tracer testing where a known quantity of material is released into a source water location and the tracer recovered at a downstream location. This body also uses Efficient Hydrological Tracer-test Design to facilitate tracer testing. Security agencies are eventually posted at every water installation to avert chances of further attacks. That country's intelligence service later manages to locate the base from where these terrorists operate. Because the host country's counterterrorism policy does not allow them to make concession with terrorists, they are left with no choice but to bring them (terrorists) to justice for attempting to murder innocent civilians. A specialized force is charged with responsibility of tracking them down and apprehending them with no
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