Counting on World Domination

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Waiting in the dark, waiting for the end. We heard footsteps outside the door, then they stoped. I was clutching my mother and my baby sister in fear. No no no no. Not like this, I thought. Then we heard a man say something in Russian. The door knob turned until the man realized it was locked.He slowly walked away. It was finally safe. Australia was a great place to live until the Russians reunited the Soviet Union. They launched nukes at the USA and then started to take over the rest of Asia. They conquered Asia in less than five months and then moved on to Europe. They had no problem taking over Europe except for Germany who held strong. The SU, Soviet Union, eventually gave up and nuked Germany. The only real problem was when they moved onto Africa. The people of africa had the advantage because the SU wasn’t used to the climate. Obviously the SU had to enter Africa from the North, so they went threw the Sahara Desert. The Africans had a defensive line set up in South Sudan and shot down the SU’s copters and planes and wiped out the ground forces with mortars. The SU just went around the line and headed into a deathtrap. Most of the ground forces got slaughtered by elephants and lions. They knew they couldn’t go on like that and just made a truce with Africa. The reason they didn’t nuke Africa was because they ran out of missiles. The SU was too weak to attack South America so the also made a truce with them. After 5 months of recovering they

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