Courage Quotes In Beowulf

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Beowulf’s Courage Against Evil
In the poem Beowulf, by Seamus Heaney the main character Beowulf displays courage and bravery throughout the novel in his heroic battles against evil.
The first example of when Beowulf shows courage is when he fights Grendel with his bare hands. Grendel is an evil dragon who is killing people in the mead-hall. A messenger travels to tell Beowulf about what is going on. Beowulf has the option to save the Danes and says, “that king, / the famous prince who needed defenders” (Heaney 200-201). Beowulf shows courage by owing allegiance to Lord Hygelac and believes he has a past reason to help Hrothgar. To be a hero a warrior must protect people who are in danger and this is what Beowulf is going to achieve. By applying the characteristic of courage, Beowulf develops leadership skills and will become a hero for his people. There is a lot on Beowulf’s shoulders to defeat Grendel who is wreaking havoc on the Danes, “There was panic after dark, people endured / raids in the night, riven by the terror” (192-193). Grendel has brought terror to the Danes and Beowulf is going to stand against him. When Beowulf battles Grendel, he elects not to use weapons and says, “When it comes to fighting, I count myself / as dangerous as Grendel. / …No weapons, therefore, / for either this night: unarmed he shall face me / if face me he dares” (677-685). Beowulf exhibits courage to fight with his bare hands and believes he is as mighty as Grendel. This is a battle

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