Courts Have Imposed On Police Departments

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The purpose of the paper is to discuss that courts have imposed on police departments
(the appropriate use of deadly force, when and how searches can be conducted, informing defendants of their rights, etc.) The reasoning for this research is that recently the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) held a press conference in which they informed the public that they would be fighting for a policy that would ban police officers from using deadly force when police officers are confronted with people throwing rocks at them. The articles selected below discuss opinions on the duties of police departments and how it relates to certain polices. The 1st article postulates the duty of the police to speak out and gives examples of areas where speaking out is most necessary. The policeman of today can truly claim the status of a professional. At no time in the history has the public received better police service, man for man and department for department. Crime is, without doubt, number one domestic problem, and public demand for protection against society 's lawless elements has reached a peak. At the same time, laws and court decisions which prevent the police from affording this protection confront law enforcement on every side (Carrington, 1970). Police officers are the backbone of our community. They keep the citizens safe and try to be very vocal and observant in fighting crime. Police officers that have been patrolling the same areas of town for a long time know the

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